usbapi.h File Reference

#include "type.h"
#include "usbstruct.h"

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#define MAX_PACKET_SIZE0   64
#define EP_STATUS_DATA   (1<<0)
#define EP_STATUS_STALLED   (1<<1)
#define EP_STATUS_SETUP   (1<<2)
#define EP_STATUS_NACKED   (1<<3)
#define EP_STATUS_ERROR   (1<<4)
#define DEV_STATUS_CONNECT   (1<<0)
#define DEV_STATUS_SUSPEND   (1<<2)
#define DEV_STATUS_RESET   (1<<4)
#define INACK_CI   (1<<1)
#define INACK_CO   (1<<2)
#define INACK_II   (1<<3)
#define INACK_IO   (1<<4)
#define INACK_BI   (1<<5)
#define INACK_BO   (1<<6)


typedef void() TFnEPIntHandler (U8 bEP, U8 bEPStatus)
typedef void() TFnDevIntHandler (U8 bDevStatus)
typedef void() TFnFrameHandler (U16 wFrame)
typedef BOOL() TFnHandleRequest (TSetupPacket *pSetup, int *piLen, U8 **ppbData)
typedef BOOL() TFnGetDescriptor (U16 wTypeIndex, U16 wLangID, int *piLen, U8 **ppbData)


BOOL USBHwInit (void)
void USBHwISR (void)
void USBHwNakIntEnable (U8 bIntBits)
void USBHwConnect (BOOL fConnect)
void USBHwSetAddress (U8 bAddr)
void USBHwConfigDevice (BOOL fConfigured)
void USBHwEPConfig (U8 bEP, U16 wMaxPacketSize)
int USBHwEPRead (U8 bEP, U8 *pbBuf, int iMaxLen)
int USBHwEPWrite (U8 bEP, U8 *pbBuf, int iLen)
void USBHwEPStall (U8 bEP, BOOL fStall)
BOOL USBHwEPIsStalled (U8 bEP)
void USBHwRegisterEPIntHandler (U8 bEP, TFnEPIntHandler *pfnHandler)
void USBHwRegisterDevIntHandler (TFnDevIntHandler *pfnHandler)
void USBHwRegisterFrameHandler (TFnFrameHandler *pfnHandler)
BOOL USBInit (void)
void USBRegisterRequestHandler (int iType, TFnHandleRequest *pfnHandler, U8 *pbDataStore)
void USBRegisterCustomReqHandler (TFnHandleRequest *pfnHandler)
BOOL USBHandleStandardRequest (TSetupPacket *pSetup, int *piLen, U8 **ppbData)
void USBHandleControlTransfer (U8 bEP, U8 bEPStat)
void USBRegisterDescriptors (const U8 *pabDescriptors)
BOOL USBGetDescriptor (U16 wTypeIndex, U16 wLangID, int *piLen, U8 **ppbData)

Detailed Description

(c) 2006, Bertrik Sikken,

Define Documentation

#define DEV_STATUS_CONNECT   (1<<0)

device just got connected

#define DEV_STATUS_RESET   (1<<4)

device just got reset

#define DEV_STATUS_SUSPEND   (1<<2)

device entered suspend state

#define EP_STATUS_DATA   (1<<0)

EP has data

#define EP_STATUS_ERROR   (1<<4)

EP data was overwritten by setup packet

#define EP_STATUS_NACKED   (1<<3)

EP sent NAK

#define EP_STATUS_SETUP   (1<<2)

EP received setup packet

#define EP_STATUS_STALLED   (1<<1)

EP is stalled

#define INACK_BI   (1<<5)

interrupt on NACK for bulk in

#define INACK_BO   (1<<6)

interrupt on NACK for bulk out

#define INACK_CI   (1<<1)

interrupt on NACK for control in

#define INACK_CO   (1<<2)

interrupt on NACK for control out

#define INACK_II   (1<<3)

interrupt on NACK for interrupt in

#define INACK_IO   (1<<4)

interrupt on NACK for interrupt out

#define MAX_PACKET_SIZE0   64

maximum packet size for EP 0

Typedef Documentation

typedef void() TFnDevIntHandler(U8 bDevStatus)

Device status handler callback

typedef void() TFnEPIntHandler(U8 bEP, U8 bEPStatus)

Endpoint interrupt handler callback

typedef void() TFnFrameHandler(U16 wFrame)

Frame event handler callback

typedef BOOL() TFnGetDescriptor(U16 wTypeIndex, U16 wLangID, int *piLen, U8 **ppbData)

Descriptor handler callback

typedef BOOL() TFnHandleRequest(TSetupPacket *pSetup, int *piLen, U8 **ppbData)

Request handler callback (standard, vendor, class)

Function Documentation

BOOL USBGetDescriptor U16  wTypeIndex,
U16  wLangID,
int *  piLen,
U8 **  ppbData

Parses the list of installed USB descriptors and attempts to find the specified USB descriptor.

[in] wTypeIndex Type and index of the descriptor
[in] wLangID Language ID of the descriptor (currently unused)
[out] *piLen Descriptor length
[out] *ppbData Descriptor data
TRUE if the descriptor was found, FALSE otherwise

void USBHandleControlTransfer U8  bEP,
U8  bEPStat

Handles IN/OUT transfers on EP0

[in] bEP Endpoint address
[in] bEPStat Endpoint status

BOOL USBHandleStandardRequest TSetupPacket pSetup,
int *  piLen,
U8 **  ppbData

Default handler for standard ('chapter 9') requests

If a custom request handler was installed, this handler is called first.

[in] pSetup The setup packet
[in,out] *piLen Pointer to data length
[in] ppbData Data buffer.
TRUE if the request was handled successfully

void USBHwConfigDevice BOOL  fConfigured  ) 

Sets the 'configured' state.

All registered endpoints are 'realised' and enabled, and the 'configured' bit is set in the device status register.

[in] fConfigured If TRUE, configure device, else unconfigure

void USBHwConnect BOOL  fConnect  ) 

Connects or disconnects from the USB bus

[in] fConnect If TRUE, connect, otherwise disconnect

void USBHwEPConfig U8  bEP,
U16  wMaxPacketSize

Configures an endpoint and enables it

[in] bEP Endpoint number
[in] wMaxPacketSize Maximum packet size for this EP

BOOL USBHwEPIsStalled U8  bEP  ) 

Gets the stalled property of an endpoint

[in] bEP Endpoint number
TRUE if stalled, FALSE if not stalled

int USBHwEPRead U8  bEP,
U8 pbBuf,
int  iMaxLen

Reads data from an endpoint buffer

[in] bEP Endpoint number
[in] pbBuf Endpoint data
[in] iMaxLen Maximum number of bytes to read
the number of bytes available in the EP (possibly more than iMaxLen), or <0 in case of error.

void USBHwEPStall U8  bEP,
BOOL  fStall

Sets the stalled property of an endpoint

[in] bEP Endpoint number
[in] fStall TRUE to stall, FALSE to unstall

int USBHwEPWrite U8  bEP,
U8 pbBuf,
int  iLen

Writes data to an endpoint buffer

[in] bEP Endpoint number
[in] pbBuf Endpoint data
[in] iLen Number of bytes to write
TRUE if the data was successfully written or <0 in case of error.

BOOL USBHwInit void   ) 

Initialises the USB hardware

This function assumes that the hardware is connected as shown in section 10.1 of the LPC2148 data sheet: P0.31 controls a switch to connect a 1.5k pull-up to D+ if low. P0.23 is connected to USB VCC.

Embedded artists board: make sure to disconnect P0.23 LED as it acts as a pull-up and so prevents detection of USB disconnect.

TRUE if the hardware was successfully initialised

void USBHwISR void   ) 

USB interrupt handler

Endpoint interrupts are mapped to the slow interrupt

void USBHwNakIntEnable U8  bIntBits  ) 

Enables interrupt on NAK condition

For IN endpoints a NAK is generated when the host wants to read data from the device, but none is available in the endpoint buffer. For OUT endpoints a NAK is generated when the host wants to write data to the device, but the endpoint buffer is still full.

The endpoint interrupt handlers can distinguish regular (ACK) interrupts from NAK interrupt by checking the bits in their bEPStatus argument.

[in] bIntBits Bitmap indicating which NAK interrupts to enable

void USBHwRegisterDevIntHandler TFnDevIntHandler pfnHandler  ) 

Registers an device status callback

[in] pfnHandler Callback function

void USBHwRegisterEPIntHandler U8  bEP,
TFnEPIntHandler pfnHandler

Registers an endpoint event callback

[in] bEP Endpoint number
[in] pfnHandler Callback function

void USBHwRegisterFrameHandler TFnFrameHandler pfnHandler  ) 

Registers the frame callback

[in] pfnHandler Callback function

void USBHwSetAddress U8  bAddr  ) 

Sets the USB address.

[in] bAddr Device address to set

BOOL USBInit void   ) 

Initialises the USB hardware and sets up the USB stack by installing default callbacks.

TRUE if initialisation was successful

void USBRegisterCustomReqHandler TFnHandleRequest pfnHandler  ) 

Registers a callback for custom device requests

In USBHandleStandardRequest, the custom request handler gets a first chance at handling the request before it is handed over to the 'chapter 9' request handler.

This can be used for example in HID devices, where a REQ_GET_DESCRIPTOR request is sent to an interface, which is not covered by the 'chapter 9' specification.

[in] pfnHandler Callback function pointer

void USBRegisterDescriptors const U8 pabDescriptors  ) 

Registers a pointer to a descriptor block containing all descriptors for the device.

[in] pabDescriptors The descriptor byte array

void USBRegisterRequestHandler int  iType,
TFnHandleRequest pfnHandler,
U8 pbDataStore

Registers a callback for handling requests

[in] iType Type of request, e.g. REQTYPE_TYPE_STANDARD
[in] *pfnHandler Callback function pointer
[in] *pbDataStore Data storage area for this type of request

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