Last modified September 29th, 2004
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This page describes the bits available in the service menu of Sony portable Minidisc players.

Registers 61 and 62

The bits indicated in red are dangerous to set in my opinion, since they disable a lot of functions and make it hard to get back into the service menu again. Bits indicated in orange are less dangerous, but can be annoying and it is useless to change them.

(Numbers are in hexadecimal format)

MZ-N510 (00 8 V1.600) MZ-R700 MZ-S1 (00 5 V1.300) MZ-N910 (?? ? V1.400)
Defaults 61=00, 62=20, 63=01, 64=00 ??? 61=81, 62=10, 63=01, 64=00 61=F0, 62=65
61 80 Causes battery to indicate more power. Adds menu OPTION/POWER/PwSave. This sometimes causes the NetMD recording session to fail and may also cause trouble with the battery not getting charged fully. untested
40 Adds menu USEFUL/AU OUT for line-out if set, the 'Output Mode' Menu will appear
20 Changes menu SOUND to S-OFF, S-EQ and V-SUR if set, the 'BASS' Menu change to 'Sound'
10 Adds menu DISP/TITLE untested
08 No effect if set, the 'MIC Sens' Menu will appear
04 Reduces menu EDIT to move and erase only. Adds menu DISP/T-MODE when playing. Removes menu P-MODE/TrPlay (bookmarks). Removes all options from menu R-SET. Screws with menu service entry!!! if set, the 'TIME MARK' Menu will appear
02 Enables katakana editing if set, it's possible to title tracks with Japanese Kana character set Enables katakana editing
01 Sets output to max. Disables all menus. Disables volume buttons (when in service mode, use remote to navigate menus) ?
62 80 not available not availible
40 Adds menu P-MODE/PGM and PGM(group) if you set all 3 bits, you will get all possible playmodes, else you will miss some of them
20 (set to 1 by default). If you disable this bit, it disables the TrPlay (bookmark play) feature. Although the TrPlay command still appears in the P-MODE menu, you can no longer simply bookmark tracks by holding down the PLAY key.
10 No effect.
08 Removes EDIT menu. menu OPTION/AVLS is now called EAR-G. If bit 0 is set, USEFUL options renamed to P-INFO MTimer and SpCtrl ?
04 No effect. ?
02 No effect. ?
01 Adds menus USEFUL/P.D.M. MTimer DPC if set, the 'M-TIMER' and 'PERSONAL' Menu will appear
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Register 63

This register can be set to 0 and 1. Setting it to 0 causes the values in register 61 and 62 to be reset to their default values after a power-down (link)

Register 64


Other tips and trick

Getting back to service menu after key mapping changed

How to get back in the service menu after foolishly setting reg 61 bit 2:
Set hold switch ON. Hold STOP on MD. Use remote to enter sequence NEXT/NEXT/PREV/PREV/NEXT/PREV/NEXT/PREV/PLAY/PLAY.

Erasing a MD with a broken TOC

In some cases a failed recording session (e.g. because of SonicStage program error) may result in an unusable disc that cannot even be erased anymore.
This link describes how to use the service menu to erase the disc.